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    Stepping Up

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Episode 1
The Cloudwatch Club

by Nick Leather
Starring Lewis Brindley, Sol Holliman, Hollie-Jay Bowes

Alfie and Dylan have been best friends since primary school – they’re the Cloudwatch Club, watching cloud formations from Dylan’s cubby-house roof.  But when Dylan calls for Alfie on the way to their first day at school, Alfie’s astonished to find that Dylan’s had a make-over – cool shades, funky hair and a funny way of doing his tie.  While Dylan reinvents himself as a cool kid, Alfie teams up with the nerds in the library.  Can their friendship survive?

Directed By Ian Barber

Episode 2
Home Games

by Shaun Duggan
Starring Cameron Patmore, Leanne Best, Chris Finch

Eleven-year-old Jack’s world is turned upside down when dad Tim comes back into his life on his first day of high school.  His step-dad Ellis isn’t happy but father and son arrange to meet up. There’s just one problem: Tim’s taking him to a Liverpool game but Jack’s an Evertonian, just like Ellis. But if his dad’s taking him to the Liverpool game, what team is Jack supposed to support?

Directed By Ian Barber

Episode 3
Bag Girl

by Abi Brown
Starring Molly Jones, Quinton Nyrienda, Samantha Lyden

Becky Tyler is a real tomboy – sporty, best mates with Gerome and a massive roller derby fan.  But change is round the corner – an all girls secondary school, where football and trousers are banned.  Arriving on her first day with stylish older sister Mel, Becky’s a fish out of water. The school is full of girls with the latest accessory, a tiny bag with animal ears, which couldn’t be more different from Becky’s skate bag.  Worse still, her friend Dol is wearing something completely alien to Becky – a bra.

Directed By Julia Ford

Episode 4

by Jeff Young
Starring Rhianna Hosmer, Adam Kotz, David Westbrook

Polly isn’t good at making friends; she’s much happier seeing the world through her camera phone – even though they’re banned at her new school.  Back home, Polly’s widowed dad Pete is also happier with machines than people, although he tries his best.  Polly’s filming takes a dramatic turn when she accidentally films the most popular girl at school bullying the new kids for money.  But if she’s not meant to be using her camera in school, who can she tell?

Directed By Julia Ford

Episode 5
Tale of Two Cities

by Punam Ramchurn
Starring Jacob Lane, Llinos Daniel, Liam Dascombe

Owain is dreading his first day of secondary school. Recently moved to Manchester from Wales, he’s desperate to go back home. His only friend is pet hen Bronwyn, much to his parents’ concern. Owain fears being tarred with the same brush as his troublemaker brothers Reece and Ellis, so it’s his worst nightmare when his brothers wind up mouthy classmate Sophia. The incident draws unwanted attention to Owain but he finds a friend in Sophia’s victim, Kurdish refugee Zana. The pair bond and pair up for a school assignment – a presentation about each other.

Directed by Pauline Harris

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