Episode 1
Love Letters

by Nick Leather
Starring Tony Maudsley, Susan Cookson, Neil Bell, Julie Graham

Tony Maudsley plays painter and decorator JJ who finds love letters in his wife’s (Susan Cookson) wardrobe. Unable to read the letters for himself, he turns to his daughter’s teacher (Julie Graham) to help him learn to read. As secrets and lies start to tumble out, JJ is forced to tell the truth in order to save his marriage.

Directed by Ian Barber

Episode 2
Help Me If You Can

by Jaden Clark
Starring Karen Appleton, Joy Blakeman, Christine Bottomley, Philip Davis

Valerie (Christine Bottomley) has never had much confidence in her abilities, always finding reading and writing difficult. So when she’s accepted for an interview at a pharmacy she can’t believe her luck. Arriving at the interview Valerie is clearly nervous and is absolutely convinced she’s blown it. All she wanted was a better life for her three kids. But she can’t believe her luck when Ray Collins (Phil Davis), the pharmacist offers her the job. It’s the break she’s always wanted but could her difficulty reading the prescriptions put their customers’ lives in danger?

Directed by Gary Williams


Episode 3
A Study In Time

by Esther Wilson
Starring Claire Benedict, O.T. Fagbenle, Natasha Gordon, George Harris

Trainee teacher Sam (Anthony Welsh) loses his ability to read and write following a tragic accident.  Sam is determined not to tell anyone about his literacy problems and decides to teach himself to read again with girlfriend Naomi’s (Sarah Smart) help so that he can start his dream job as a teacher. But his desperate attempt to learn to read and write in time for the start of the new school year has a devastating impact on his relationship with Naomi and he faces a difficult choice.

Directed by Pauline Harris


Episode 4
The Crossing

by Arthur Ellison
Starring Barbara Barnes, Susie Blake, Lee Boardman, Kevin Doyle

Lollipop lady, Kathleen (Susie Blake) and lonely 10-year-old Megan (Ramona Marquez) are friends and neighbours but Kathleen is devastated when Megan asks her to join her reading a story for the school Christmas show. Kathleen has always struggled with her literacy skills, will she admit her failings or risk her friendship with Megan for the sake of keeping her problems secret?

Directed by Reece Dinsdale


Episode 5
Mightier Than The Sword

by Lyn Papadopoulos
Starring Robyn Addison, Jade Anouka, Kaine Barr

Jackie (Kaye Wragg) and John (Derek Riddell) appear to have the perfect marriage.  John has always done everything for Jackie but Jackie is restless for change. She secretly attends adult literacy classes, which increase her confidence, but how can she now go back to how life used to be?

Directed by Julia Ford


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