The Milkman

Episode 1
The Milkman

by John Fay
Starring Shaun Mason, Alicya Eyo and Rob James Collier

Bugsy Mullen is a milkman with a scar on his lip. He’s shy, with a good heart, but he and his job are out step with modern times. Angie is a single mum struggling to pay rent as her neighbourhood gets gentrified. A chance accident threatens to turn both their lives upside-down – will Bugsy roll over and take this latest misfortune on the chin, or can he finally learn to stand up for himself?

Tour of Duty

Episode 2
Tour of Duty

by Lena Rae
Starring Christine Bottomley, Dean Lennox Kelly and Annabelle Apsion

New mum Caroline is struggling to cope on her own while her husband Tom serves in Afghanistan. She’s not natural army-wife material and finds it hard to fit in to life on the barracks. When rats are discovered in the house, Caroline considers leaving – but rat catcher Sam offers a lifeline. It’s not long before Caroline’s loyalty is being called into question – but do the gossips have a point?


Episode 3

by Arthur Ellison
Starring Reece Dinsdale, Eva Pope and Paul Usher

Hapless plumber Billy has always struggled with gambling – he claims it’s under control but with bills piling up, his wife Michelle is close to breaking point. When Billy makes a chance discovery in a customer’s loft, he thinks his prayers have been answered but his addiction ensures his troubles have only just begun.


Episode 4

by Shaun Duggan
Starring Sally Phillips, Alistair McKenzie, Warren Brown and Paul Rhys

Christina’s always been a party girl but as she approaches forty it seems all her friends would rather change nappies than go clubbing – even her own biological clock is starting to tick. But when there are fertility problems Christina makes a startling request of gay best friend Mick. Can their friendship ever recover?

Poetry of Silence

Episode 5
The Poetry of Silence

by Esther Wilson
Starring Fay Ripley, Ben Daniels and Joe Dempsie

Kieran is the youngest of Ann and John’s children, and the first to go to university; he’s had every opportunity they never had. They think he’s living the high life when in reality Kieran’s struggling with debilitating depression. When the truth finally comes out and Kieran comes home to recuperate, Ann and John discover that the road to recovery is far from straightforward.

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