Moving on II - Sauce for the Goose

Episode 1
Sauce for the Goose

by John Fay
Starring Susannah Harker, Daniel Ryan and Anna Massey

Anne finds it hard looking after her elderly mother Bella – her sister Lynne’s apparently too grand to help and now her only son Chris is off round the world – but at least she can follow his progress on the internet. When her computer breaks down it’s the final straw – but could the repairman John be the answer to all her problems?

Moving On II - Skies of Glass

Episode 2
Skies of Glass

by Nick Leather
Starring Claire Skinner and Shaun Dooley

When Mary-Ann and Anthony’s attempt to adopt their foster baby founders at the last possible moment, they resign themselves to a lifetime of heartbreak. Then, a year later, a baby is left in the backseat of their car – could this be the answer to their prayers, or will they have to endure the pain of separation for a second time?

Moving On ii - Skin deep

Episode 3
Skin Deep

by Lyn Papadopoulos
Starring Jenny Agutter, Nicola Stephenson, Lisa Faulkner and Robert Glenister

Jean is nearly sixty and feels that life has passed her by. What happened to the glamorous promise of her youth? Her daughters reckon most people have a bit of botox these days, so why shouldn’t she? Husband Frank loves her regardless and just wants a quiet life. But if botox is no big deal, what’s next on the list…?

Moving On II - Malaise

Episode 4

by Dale Overton
Starring John Simm, Ewen Bremner and Susan Lynch

Tina and her daughter Jess have made a good life with security guard Adam – he’s not what you’d call exciting but he’s kind, reliable and the opposite of Jess’s real dad Moose. When Moose gets out of prison Tina does everything she can to keep him away – but can water ever be thicker than blood?

Moving On II-Letting go

Episode 5
Letting Go

by Karen Brown
Starring Naomi Radcliffe, Jack Deam and Maureen Beattie

When Kirsty O’Connell finds a drug addict in the family she’s appalled but determined to get their life back on track. But before long her crusade has taken over her life in a way the drugs never did. Which is the harder habit to kick – heroin or the feeling of being needed? A look at co-dependency in an ordinary family.

Moving On ii - trust

Episode 6

by Arthur Ellison
Starring Roy Marsden, Gerard Kearns and Keiran O'Brien

Young scally Jack gets more than he bargained for when he breaks into ex-boxer Eddie’s house. Before he knows it he’s training everyday and shunning his gang for the camaraderie of the boxing club. But with Eddie’s son Shane and Jack’s gang on their case, will their unlikely alliance survive?

Moving On 2 - The Test

Episode 7
The Test

by Alice Nutter
Starring Hannah Gordon, Maggie Steed and Corin Redgrave

Theresa’s always done everything for best friend Cyn – work, her daughter and even her love life have all taken second place to Cyn’s needs. But Theresa’s loyalty is tested to the limit when Cyn’s latest demand turns out to be illegal – and ultimately dangerous. Will Theresa ever be able to stand up for herself?

Moving On2 - Losing My religion

Episode 8
Losing My Religion

by Shaun Duggan
Starring Hannah Gordon, Maggie Steed and Corin Redgrave

With Ruth Gemmel, Hugo Speer and Nico Mirallegro Joanne’s son Jamie goes to a Catholic school but that’s more for the GCSE results than anything. So when Jamie gets bullied, Joanne assumes the school will do all they can to help. Which they would – if only he wasn’t bullied for being gay. Can turning a blind eye ever be helpful or will Jamie be pushed to desperate measures?

Moving On 2 - Rules of the Game

Episode 9
Rules of the Game

by Sarah Deane
Starring Alfie Allen, Olivia Hallinan, Richard Fleeshman and Paula Wilcox

Dave Farrow is the life and soul of any party, always first – and last – at the bar. Forever in the shadow of big brother Steven, star midfielder for the reds, Dave only gets noticed for the wrong reasons until nurse Ruth throws him a lifeline – but will Dave be able to take it before he presses the self-destruct button?

Moving On 2 - I am Darleen Fyles

Episode 10
I Am Darleen Fyles

by Esther Wilson
Starring Donna Lavin, Lorraine Ashbourne and Anne Reid

Darleen Fyles, a young woman with learning disabilities, struggles to make a life for herself on her own as her mother grasps at a last chance for a ‘normal’ family with a new man. A chance encounter with lonely Diane, an uptight, elderly intellectual, fosters an unlikely friendship and a chance for them both to rebuild their families.

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