• Original British Drama

    Moving On Series 6

Episode 1

by Shaun Duggan
Starring Hayley Mills, Peter Egan and Kenneth Cranham

Madge looks like a perfectly respectable woman in her late 60’s, albeit one that lives life to the full – a loving relationship with former magistrate Eric, regular trips to Zumba, firm friends with Eric’s daughter Sam. But Madge is hiding a very big secret, a husband who has been in prison for the last 12 years…

Directed by Reece Dinsdale (Coronation Street, Home to Roost)

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Episode 2
The Signature

by Anthony Gannie
Starring Starring Lisa Riley and Graham Hawley

Moira and husband Ken are struggling. Ken can’t work because of his MS and Moira holds down two jobs but still barely covers the bills. When a customer hands her a lottery ticket without realising it’s a winner, in a moment of madness Moira impulsively stashes the ticket to keep it for herself.  But will she be able to bring herself to cash it..?

Directed by David Whitney

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Episode 3

by Steven Fay and Tony Green
Starring Starring Neil Fitzmaurice, Anna Crilly, Chris McCausland, Ciaran Griffiths and Dave Hill

Empty nesters Terry and Jenny have been having problems for a while. But the arrival of one of Jenny’s friends from university, the cultured blind go-getter Daniel, has an unexpected effect.  Terry is at first dismissive, then jealous of his wife’s friend – can their differences ever be reconciled?

Directed by Julia Ford (Happy Valley, The Street)

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Episode 4
Two Brothers

by Collette Kane
Starring Starring Wil Johnson, Charles Venn, Carla Henry and Liz May Brice

Separated Dad Eddie is tired of his brother Pete living life irresponsibly. While Eddie pines for his ex whilst lodging with Pete and his family, Pete doesn’t seem to appreciate what he has.  After a particularly hurtful row, Eddie impulsively reports Pete for drink driving. To Eddie’s dismay, the consequences for all the family are far reaching…

Directed by Gary Williams

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Episode 5
The Beneficiary

by Andrew Lynch
Starring Katy Carmichael, Dominic Carter, Mina Anwar and Brian Capron

Downtrodden housewife Helen does everything for her family – only her secret affair with older, cultured Duncan brings relief to the monotony. His sudden death is painful, and his bequest of £50,000 threatens to tear her world apart as her family, tempted by the windfall, react in unexpected ways.


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Congratulations to The Windermere Children (ZDF/BBC) winning the Prix Europa for Best TV Movie/Mini Series - it was a wonderful, moving, film. We are proud of #ANTHONY achieving the 2nd placed Special Commendation - thank you to our fellow Prix Europa Jury members.

After over 40 hours of intense TV viewing, two ballots and a healthy Zoom debate, we will find out at 11am (GMT) how #ANTHONY fared at the 2020 Prix Europa Broadcasting Festival. @PRIXEUROPA

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