• BBC One

    Moving On Series 10

Episode 1
By Any Other Name

by Emma Jowett
Starring Starring Ben Tavassoli, Adam Thomas, Dinita Gohil & Shobna Gulati

When a university cleaner masquerades as a lecturer, he discovers a newfound confidence and finds potential love – but will he be uncovered as an imposter?

Directed by Tracey Larcombe.


Episode 2

by Adam Simpson
Starring Starring Mark Stobbart & Niamh McGrady

A stressed out teacher heads for a breakdown as he tries to cope with an impossible workload as well as managing an unruly pupil who knows the system better than he does.

Directed by Reece Dinsdale.

Episode 3

by Andy Lynch
Starring Starring Lucy-Jo Hudson & Harry Hepple

A hard-up single mother reconnects with the one-night stand father of her inquisitive 9-year old daughter, but triggers a bitter custody battle which, due to his wealth and status, the father might actually win.

Directed by Anya Camilleri.


Episode 4
A Walk In My Shoes

by Esther Wilson
Starring Starring Rochenda Sandall & Ian Puleston-Davies

A former homeless addict turns her life around and begins volunteering at the local shelter in an attempt to ‘give back’ and also reconcile with her estranged family. But when she discovers that donations to the shelter are being snaffled by staff, she faces a dilemma.

Directed by Noreen Kershaw.


Episode 5

by David Chidlow
Starring Starring Liz White, Khalid Abdalla & Ruth Sheen

A couple who struggled to conceive their twins through IVF are informed that they still have embryos at the clinic, but their shelf-life is limited. Ali realises that she very much wants another child, but husband Rafi doesn’t want her to go through the trauma involved the first time, when Ali nearly died during childbirth.

Directed by Jodhi May.

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