• Drama Series



Episode 1
This Town

by Nick Leather
Starring Robert Pugh & Gary Mavers

The Public Justice Centre in Dovefield, Liverpool is at the frontline of Broken Britain and represents a groundbreaking approach to law and order – but when the fledgling Centre is broken into and a devastating memo from the Ministry of Justice disappears, Judge Patrick Coburn must confront his demons and attempt to win over the local community before it’s too late.


Episode 2
Like father like son

by Shaun Duggan
Starring Gillian Kearney & Jake Abraham

Coburn struggles to establish his credibility as local reporter Louise continues to dig into his past. A young drug dealer comes up before the Judge, providing the perfect opportunity for Coburn to demonstrate zero tolerance – but will he take it? Questions over the handling of the case lead to a surprise confession. Guest starring Kelli Hollis and Chris Mason.


Episode 3
There but for the grace

by Esther Wilson
Starring Ellie Paskell and Tom Georgeson

Judge Coburn and Joe Gateacre attempt to reach out to the community, but discover that most don’t want to be reached. Coburn discovers that many of the community’s problems have the same root. Judge Coburn and Father Jim finally start to talk about the past.


Episode 4
The Secret’s Out

by Alice Nutter
Starring Robert Pugh, Gary Mavers, Gillian Kearney, Jake Abraham, Jodie Comer, Ellie Paskell and Tom Georgeson

Louise Scanlon presses Coburn for the truth, but he refuses to pay ball. Coburn comes face to face with his nemesis, Jake Little. Coburn’s unusual sentencing draws more criticism, and Louise finally publishes her scandalous headline. Coburn ignores advice again, leaving Joe feeling sidelined. Guest starring John Conteh.


Episode 5
Last Call For Love

by Nick Leather
Starring Robert Pugh, Gary Mavers, Gillian Kearney, Jake Abraham, Jodie Comer, Ellie Paskell and Tom Georgeson

When Jake Little is charged with arson, the staff at the Public Justice Centre have the chance to take him off the streets for good – but even though half the community appears to have seen Jake at the scene of the crime, no-one is prepared to speak up. Coburn and Joe find themselves desperately searching for the one good man or woman who can finally turn the tide in their direction.

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